I am a graduate student in Philosophy at Radboud University Nijmegen.

I work in philosophy of mind and cognition, and intersecting areas in philosophy of language. In particular, I am interested in joint attention, social cognition, the origin of mental content and communication, and theories of explanation. My research interests are unabashedly varied, so in my spare time I purse various other interests and hobbies: philosophy of logic, metaphysics (specially metaontology), history of analytic philosophy, taoist philosophy, aesthetics and artificial intelligence.

Before coming to Nijmegen, I studied philosophy at the University of Dundee. I have also been active as an independent artist and curator, having exhibited my artistic work internationally.

Besides philosophy, I’m passionate about hiking, mountaineering, running, cycling, programming, abstract art, and have a soft spot for all things avant-garde.

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My artistic works are here.

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Contact: lucas [at] battich [dot] gmail [dot] com