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This entry is about normalizing judgements.
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Normalizing Judgement

Every disciplinary system contains a "micro-penal" system within.
This micro-penal system differs from the juridical system (even though it may appropriate its rituals) in that it does not take an isolated case and refer it to the written law. Rather, the disciplinary micro-penality acts by making punishable the whole domain of the "non-conforming." That is, whatever does not conform to the disciplinary system. Thus the micro-penal system combines the urge to train (to educate, to make the subject conform to certain parameters) with the act of punishing.
Even thought the disciplinary power exercises a movement of normalization (and punishes whoever deviates from the norm), it separates its subjects according the their nature, potentialities, their level or their value. (see p.181)
Entertainment can be seen as a tool of nomalization.