Colour Étude

This film is a study of signal corruption in digital media, where unexpected digital colour patterns are generated by chance interventions on several video files. This is accomplished by acting directly and blindly with the raw data of video files, on text- and sound-editing softwares. The unpredicticable malfunction is later intentionally manipulated, edited and controlled. The sound composition mirrors and furthers this exploration, involving both intentional and chance elements.

Film by Lucas Battich

Soundwork by Joe Coghill

Digital video

Duration 05:55


Past screenings:

  • Glasgow Short Film Festival, UK - Luminous Latitude Programme - March 2015 (World Premiere)
  • Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick, UK - Luminous Latitude Programme - April 2015
  • "Beyond the surface", Labor Neunzehn, Berlin, DE - 19-24 October 2015