Homage to the Square / Homage to the Cube

Homage to the Square (After Josef Albers)

Homage to the Cube (After Josef Albers)

These two web-based works bring a generative and semi-random approach to Joseph Albers schematic experimentations on colour. These works are an attempt to expand his colour investigations beyond the canvas or print based mediums and into the digital screen, while interfering with the creative instinct of the master colourist.

Homage to the Square is a series of paintings and prints by Josef Albers, begun in 1950 and continued until his death in 1976. In this series, Albers explored chromatic interactions and variations, using always one of four different compositional schemes of three or four squares set inside each other. Such a format possessed a seemingly endless scope for variation.


"For me colour is the means of my idiom. It’s automatic." (From Neil Welliver, ’Albers on Albers,’ Art News, Jan 1966, p.68)

"Colour in my opinion, behaves like a man … in two distinct ways: first in self-realisation and then in the realisation of relationships with others. …" ('Interview with Josef Albers', in Katherine Kuh, The Artist’s Voice, New York, 1962, p16.)

"[Albers’ works] demonstrate the surprisingly complex range of effects and meanings that can be produced with such simple and apparently repetitive working methods." (Paul Overy, Josef Albers, Exh. Cat., The South Bank Centre, 1994, p13.)